In 1854 Peter Heinz came to America from Germany. He traveled up the Mississippi to Alton, and settled in Carlinville to start a new life. He chose furniture and floor covering and built a loyal following. Peter had four son's Al, Charles, Henry, and Gustav.

Together they ran the business until Gustav was the only one left. Gustav ran the business until his three sons William, Howard, and Harold took over. In 1979 Harold’s son Gregory Gustav bought the store from Howard and Harold. Greg Heinz ran the business faithfully to keep the heritage alive and raised two daughters Ashlee and Danlee.  He ran the business for over 30 years.

Danlee (Heinz) Whitler and her husband Greg Whitler bought the family business from Greg Heinz in Jan of 2016.  They along with their kids, Marlee and Evee, plan to keep the business going and hopefully hand it down again.  They both graduated from Carlinville High School and were born and raised in Carlinville their whole life.  They have big plans for the store.

That's five generations of loyal customers who know we will be here to take care of their needs!

Out with the old as they say... Greg might be having a little trouble letting go but the girls promise it will be ok!